Press Release

BDLA is pleased to announce the successful completion of its advanced plant, strategically situated in the vibrant City of Doral, Florida. The facility has been purposefully engineered to process Used Cooking Oil (UCO) generated within the region and transform it into biodiesel; an environmentally friendly, drop-in fuel alternative that is compatible with all diesel engines. When biodiesel is burned, a substantial reduction of up to 80% in CO2 emissions can be achieved.

All the required Certificates of Use, License, and Business Tax have been granted to BDLA by both Miami Dade County and the City of Doral, as well as the Annual Operating Permit from the Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department. These essential endorsements have effectively paved the way for the initiation of production, storage, and distribution of Biodiesel and Refined Glycerin to the market. With an estimated annual production capacity of 7.5 million gallons of Biodiesel poised to enter the Florida market, tangible steps are being taken toward the establishment of a sustainable and environmentally conscious future within the state.

It is noteworthy that BDLA is currently the sole biodiesel company in active operation within the state of Florida. Presently, all the used cooking oil generated within the region is dispatched to other states and, in some instances, exported overseas. BDLA’s presence significantly alters this landscape, as the organization is now prepared to locally consume this oil, thereby catalyzing the development of fuel alternatives, the creation of employment opportunities, and a substantial boost to the local economy. This development opens up access to local fuel alternatives for companies committed to reducing their carbon footprint, an option that was previously challenging to obtain.

To offer community members and interested parties a deeper understanding of our operations, BDLA is pleased to provide guided tours of its facilities. During these tours, visitors will gain valuable insights into the advantages of the use of biodiesel in engines and a comprehensive overview of our production plans for the upcoming months. For further information or to schedule a tour, please refer to our website at or reach out to our dedicated commercial team at

José De Antonio